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Friday, August 08, 2008


georgia invades south ossetia; russia invades to drive them out

outside the beltway with a synopsis of this morning's events, with background appended.

this is a regional conflagration with roots in the cold war. you can bet that the neoconservatives are wailing about world war iv. some years ago, when the united states began financing populist coups in post-soviet central asia -- one of which put georgia's current government under mikhail saakashvili in power -- i wrote:

the ukraine is but the first of many post-soviet battlefields, i fear, as a newly energetic nationalist russia confronts the revitalized fascism of america unbound as one's empire encroaches on and surrounds the other's -- while both ascribe to a noble heroism that, as bertrand russell wrote, affords unconscious outlets for the impulse to power, and abundant excuses for cruelty.

the government of georgia, being something of an american proxy under saakashvili, has turned a corner of the new cold war suddenly hot. i cannot imagine the united states coming to anything like the explicit aid of georgia, but we will have to wait as events play out.

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