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Friday, September 26, 2008


monday is the deadline

White House press secretary Dana Perino later said: "We don't have any reason to believe that we can't get it done by Monday."

it would be best if the credit market were not disappointed on this count, as warren buffett says.

“We are looking over a precipice in terms of the economic condition of the country for the next few years,” Buffett said during an interview on the Fox Business Channel. “If Congress doesn't help us on this, heaven help us.”

"The only thing that counts in the economic world today is the U.S. Congress,” Buffett said. “They hold the fate of the U.S. economy for the next few years in their hands. And I think they'll do the right thing. I have great confidence — I mean, when they recognize what the problem is, they will do the right thing. They won't do the perfect thing. Nobody can do the perfect thing.

“Later on we'll let the historians decide who to blame. I could go around saying I told you so on this or that. But it doesn't make a difference.”

buffett is certainly talking his book, and should be read with that in mind. but i'm encouraged to hear him talk in this fashion. it increases the likelihood that house republicans will concede to a deal by monday.

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