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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


money market fund breaks the buck

don't see this every day -- per marketwatch:

One of the first and largest money market funds has put a seven-day freeze on redemptions after the net asset value of its shares fell below $1. Primary Fund (RFIXX) a $62 billion fund managed by money market fund inventor The Reserve, said Tuesday afternoon that its $785 million holding of Lehman Brothers Holdings debt has been valued at zero. As of 4 p.m., the value of the fund's share is 97 cents. The Reserve said that redemption requests received before 3 p.m. Tuesday will be paid out at $1 a share.

some high yield quasi-money-market funds blew up last year around this time when the commercial paper market went to hell, but that's a long way from this. bloomberg:

Reserve Management's assets rose 95 percent in the year ending June 30 to $125 billion, as investors sought safety from falling equity markets. Banks and other institutional investors accounted for 65 percent of total assets.

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