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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


BAC offering in trouble?

via clusterstock.

the only thing worse than BoA going to the well is the well being dry.

UPDATE: morgan stanley is taking a beating as well, now down below its closing low for the crisis.

UPDATE: apparently it gets done.

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hi gm -

financially, buffett said it's economic pearl harbor out there - only i say, one bomber at a time, eh?

and man, those bombers are like the indians at custer's last stand - they just keep frikkin' comin'.

and God help us when a swarm of bombers arrives.

holy krap. good luck.

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dc -- from the perspective of pure spectacle, this is incredible. there's no end. the financials are being absolutely slaughtered today:

BAC (-21%)
RBS (-42%)
BCS (-20%)
MS (-25%)
MER (-26%) -- must be speculation that the takeover won't close
C (-7.5%)
JPM (-6.4%)
GE (-4.0%) -- and this CPFF is their bailout!

XLF is down (-6%) and is tagging its 52-week/all-time low today.

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