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Monday, October 27, 2008


provoking syria

us commandoes launch a raid well into syria from iraq.

Damascus and Washington have taken steps recently towards easing their strained relations. The Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid Moallem, briefly met the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, last month.

But on Sunday the Syrian Foreign Ministry summoned the top US and Iraqi diplomats in Damascus and made charges of "dangerous aggression", the news agency said. It demanded that Iraq begin an immediate investigation of the attack and that it prevent foreign forces from using Iraqi territory to launch attacks.

the bush administration perhaps cannot muster the respect for their own country and its impending electoral verdict needed to simply go quietly. then again, it's clear the administration does not respect sovereign borders in many other places, most conspicuously of late pakistan, where it finds them inconvenient -- so it's also possible that the administration is so denuded of ethical and legal boundaries that it no longer knows any better.

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glad you brought it up gm. i had meant to do the same in an earlier comment.

moon of alabama is (indirectly) calling it cheney's gift to mccain:


[excerpt:] The timing is amazing from a neoconservative point of view, a few days before the American elections. Right now, after years of scrupulously avoiding crossing into Syrian territory, the American military receives instructions to invade a town in Syria and kill 8 people.

so transparent - - is there no end, no limit, to the neocons' desire for permanent power? doesn't human life have any value to them in their quest for power?

dumb question. my bad. (see iraq).

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george condon of the san diego union-tribune ran a nice retrospective of foreign policy acts/prnouncements in the name of domestic politics.

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just amazing isn't it. there is no respect for any international law when it comes to these guys. with the war in iraq fading away...the u.s. goes on the offensive with syria, less than 10 days from the election. my jaw just drops. has this country become so full of followers that nobody questions this? it is going to take decades to recover from the 8 years of foreign policy set in place by these warmongers.

shameful, just fucking shameful and we are all to blame for not holding these guys accountable for their actions.

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maybe they are just trying to stoke that international crisis "predicted" by joe biden?

todd harrison has been posting a fear to an incident "occurring" in the middle east to rattle the election/inauguration for some time now.

it's going to be one long frikkin' week, boys.

don't forget to vote? or, forget to vote...whichever suits you.

because sometimes it feels like we're in a vortex, and not much can be done about it.

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to be honest, fellas, when i heard biden suggest that i thought 1) that's a pretty astute reading of international politics; and 2) in spite of that, it's far more likely that obama's biggest tests will come not from without.

the significance of september 11 is often in the eye of the beholder. but i see one of the inescapeable conclusions to be drawn from the event and its aftermath is that america's most violent, most divisive and most destructive enemy is no kind of external force. and that is of course typical of any of history's many universal states.

on that note -- i wonder how many more of these idiots are out there. god save this society from itself.

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woop -- thanks dc -- this is the link i meant above!

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