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Thursday, November 13, 2008


torturing democracy

watch. and further reconsider the role of vice president cheney in undermining the constitutional system of checks and balances.

i say again, that more than 40% of this country's citizens voted to return a republican to the white house in the aftermath of what has gone on in the last eight years stands as nothing less than an indictment of our postmodern democracy as a fool's form of government. america was never intended to be so lowly, and is too good a concept to be left in the hands of its dimwitted citizens and their illusory heroes.

and yet that is no endorsement of barack obama, who is guising a continuation of this fatal disease under the rubric of "centrism". the way has been cleared by the bush administration of any remaining obstacle for the ascendancy of the unitary executive, an office as easy to abuse for a democrat as a republican. the man is not yet in office, and already he is disappointing -- soon enough, i suspect, to be yet another illusory hero revealed.

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Just as you can see the fate of the US car industry prewritten in the fate of the British industry a generation ago, I fear that you can perhaps see Obama foreshadowed in Tony Blair. I'll grant you that there are differences - Obama is probably more intelligent than Blair, and is probably not such a consummate actor - but it's the similarities that are more striking.

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