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Friday, December 12, 2008


blagojevich, deleo, rahm and obama

john kass in the tribune sketches the close chicago connection between indicted illinois governor rod blagojevich, jimmy deleo and white-house-chief-of-staff-to-be and obama confidante rahm emanuel.

emanuel, it has been said, is the man who told the feds how exactly to nail blagojevich. and he could have done so to protect himself as well as the president-elect, building a firewall between the investigation and the obama camp in return for aiding the feds.

whether or not they helped nominate the wrong candidate, this may be a good test for the national media, as to whether the obama 'mania' that held them for the duration of the campaign still has legs. if the washington papers were ever to put aside their fears of being forcibly disembarked from the white house ship of media relations, they would get a very interesting look at the origins of a chicago machine politician who is to be our next president.

UPDATE: emanuel was certainly talking to blagojevich, it seems. pretty hard to imagine that the subject of how much the senate seat was going to cost didn't come up.


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