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Saturday, December 13, 2008


obama goes mum on blagojevich

bad sign.

Obama's staff has declined to respond to even basic questions, like who is conducting the probe, how long it will take, what issues are being explored and whether they are working with federal investigators. Obama has promised transparency throughout his service and to divulge contacts his staff has had with Blagojevich's office in the coming days. But his staff has locked down on inquiries in the meantime.

The Obama transition team's refusal to talk has contributed to a maelstrom around Obama's incoming White House chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, a Chicago congressman likely to have been in contact with the governor, who was arrested this week in a corruption scandal. But Emanuel is not a target of the probe, according to people who have been briefed on the investigation. ...

Asked if any conversations between Emanuel and Blagojevich were captured on government wiretaps, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs said, "I honestly don't know." Other transition officials refused to respond to inquiries.

"honestly don't know"... right.

as an illinoisan, a chicagoan, and one who actually voted for obama, let me tell you all that anyone who thinks he's clean is drinking the koolaid. the president-elect is an illinois pol in bed with rahm, emil jones and jimmy deleo, backed by rezko, alexi giannoulias and others even less likeable. he is as dirty as any of them, and if you imagine otherwise i have some waterfront real estate i'd like to sell you. it's the chicago way. if he succeeded here, he's dirty; he'd have been railroaded long ago if he weren't playing ball.

please note that obama, in issuing a catagorical denial of contact between his camp and blagojevich over the senate seat, has already told a lie to the press on this one -- and an easily outed one, as fitzgerald apparently has rahm on tape with blago. why are they dissembling? my money says that either rahm is on tape discussing at unseemly length a quid pro quo with blago OR he could be and they don't know if the feds have it on tape. the trib notes:

Though now working full-time on Obama's transition, Emanuel has yet to resign his congressional seat. Illinois law has a different process for filling vacant House seats than Senate seats. When Emanuel resigns, a special election will be held for his replacement.

One alleged scheme outlined in the charges against Blagojevich involves the special election for Emanuel's seat. The government affidavit said Blagojevich and others were recorded talking about an unnamed "president-elect adviser" concerned about the election for Emanuel's congressional seat who might help the governor land a new job at a non-profit organization.

that could be why rahm apparently went to the feds and told them how to get blago -- i'd wager rahm tried to get fitzgerald to firewall the investigation from the obama camp on good-for-the-country grounds, and maybe even with more information, in an effort to save their political skins. fitzgerald is also talking to his future boss -- the fact that he went public with blago now may be because he think he'll be shut down come january 20 because he might know too much about members of the obama camp.

if this sounds speculative, it is -- but i submit you haven't been watching illinois politics long enough if you don't assume the very worst. history shows that chances are i'm underestimating the depth of the filth on all sides. this country's politics would get a lot cleaner if every illinois pol past and present were crowded into soldier field, the doors locked and the joint set on fire.

moreover, lisa madigan has decided to hold the state hostage, as noted by equity private at dealbreaker, holding up payments and attempting a coup d'etat by circumventing the impeachment process with a declaration of incapacity meant for medical emergencies. quality.


Only in Illinois could Michael Madigan's daugter posture as a reformer. I'll admit she's easier on the eyes than, say, Emil Jones, but as a lefter than left lefty I'll be voting for Mark Ryan in any prospective primary and a straight Republican ticket on the next ballot on general "throw the bums out" principle.

I agree on Obama, by the way—not sure it's relevant to the job he'll do in office, but anyone who thinks he's not soiled by this filth is delusional.

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my jaw dropped when he selected Emmanuel. There was no reason, except the fact that we all know he's corrupt as hell. I really thought Obama would have been smart enough to distance himself from Cook County Dems.

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i can't disagree with tossing the bums out, anon, but high-level republicans are as deeply invested in the combine as the democrats. everyone is in the same boat, scratching each others' back.

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ccd -- the question is, who could he go to? and if he tried, wouldn't they take their revenge?

for better or worse, obama's political family is inescapably in chicago.

more from kass today -- he'll be essential in reading this situation as it unfolds.

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meanwhile -- it appears the chicago tribune, desperate to sell copy even in bankruptcy, fucked up fitzgerald's investigation and a chance to nail jesse junior to a wall.

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making this whole thing even stranger. after all of the shit with Emmanuel and Blago, guess who Obama tapes to be his secretary of education? CPS CEO Arnie Duncan. LMAO.

CPS is one of the WORST Public School Systems in this country. These people haven't a fucking clue. Promoting this guy from that position is a 'get out of jail' card for Duncan.


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lol -- 'change we need' clearly doesn't mean abandoning the chicago school of political patronage, ccd.

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however -- and this is an important point -- what is happening here is a big fat nothing in the context of what's gone down in the white house since 9/11/2001. the senate armed services committee released a report last week linking the white house and the president to war crimes in iraq.

obama is a machine pol rewarding some cronies. bush just got done impersonating a less-competent mussolini for two terms in what was unquestionably the most damaging presidency in the history of the nation. so some perspective is called for.

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I heard that story on Friday afternoon gm, nothing after that. Amazing none of the right wing wackos picked it up this week.

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Sadly, Blago, Daley, Rahm and Obama have nothing on Bush and his thugs.

That article at is a must read for Americans. The fact that the president of the US decided the Geneva Convention did not apply is fucking sick. This goes against everything we are told this country stands for. Remember Bush told us we were the 'good guys'. Huh?

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ccd, i did see some rumblings over the weekend that the obama administration might actually move in a preliminary direction of an american war crimes prosecution.

i can only imagine the histrionics among the limbaugh/hannity/unthinking right -- how dare any "american" question Our Unquestionable National Greatness, lol -- but i think such a prosecution could be, properly handled, a tremendous salve for the united states. it has to be demonstrated that the institutions which were installed to protect the people from malicious leadership are still there. and that's far from a settled question -- does anyone, for example, expect an effective prosecution on the causes of the national malfeasance which we are now seeing the consequences of?

the real question is whether or not the united states has a lawful government capable of corrective action -- or if instead it has a massive civil service directed by mere cronyism and convenience.

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gm, that would be something if they actually tried to go after Bush and his cronies for the crimes they have committed.

As for Rush, Hannity and all the rest of the right wing wackos. The fact that not one of them has stood up and said that these things were wrong; the fact that not one of them has called out Bush and his cronies for the last 8 years just proves that all they are is mouthpieces supplied with talking points from the RNC.

With Obama and his group of merrymen taking power, I really think the right needs a voice more than ever in this country. If it's one of these boobs, count me out. Find someone who is thoughtful and articulate and not just rehashing the same old rhetoric again and again and again.

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Bank of America and Mr. Higgins missing $millions, It can happen to you, my fellow Americans

More info:

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