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Thursday, January 22, 2009



via barry ritholtz -- wired highlights the work of robert proctor and examines the cultural phenomena i've sometimes remarked on:

more information leads to less knowledge

with a wonderful coinage as well. this is particularly easy to see in the ongoing death of the gatekeeper, which is leading to a balkanized society of self-selected information cults wallowing in comfortable ignorance.


If the fact that...

"a lot of republicans don't believe in anthropogenic global warming, a quarter of respondents in one Texas poll were convinced that Obama is a Muslim. And a significant proportion of Americans believe God guided evolution..."

...comes as a surprise to the readers of Wired Magazine (or at least the author), one has to wonder who's the more sealed off from the world.

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Oh now now were is the bit of critical self reflection here that would indicate, that you, as a blogger, are part of the knowledge problem and not part of the solution.

Or will you now reference opposing views in your blog.

Throwing rocks in a glass house and all that is always a bit irritating. I select left leaning blogs on purpose and fully well knowing that they limit my exposure. I still watch quite a bit of TV news to compensate.

But, oh well...

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