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Friday, January 16, 2009


the business plot

via jesse -- an interesting bbc historical documentary visiting the archives of the mccormack-dickstein congressional committee.

i've previously ruminated near to the 1951 near-miss coup d'etat to have been staged against harry truman by the allies of douglas macarthur in the aftermath of his relief in korea while commenting on the ongoing politicization of the military. it is a rarely discussed episode of american history that macarthur and many ardent anti-communists who supported him were all for carrying the war to the heart of china following the landing at inchon, even to the point of initiating a nuclear war with the communist-controlled state. when truman fired him for his open insubordination in the media with criticisms of truman's "limited war" doctrine, macarthur rallied support among congressional republicans and promptly went on a speaking tour with the support of much of the GOP in an attempt to build on his already-massive popularity. the tour was a disaster, thankfully, and truman's popularity and support among the ruling elite rose from its low ebb before any attempt was made to supplant him.

but i have to confess to being previously unaware (though now unsurprised) at the assertion of a business plot to overthrow FDR in 1933.

jesse's comment is i think completely apropos:

This is an interesting topic for us, not because we think we know the truth behind it, but because it helps to portray the early days of the Great Depression in a more realistic light. They were not a time of dignified suffering and tremendous acts of kindness and compassion. They were often mean-spirited, violent, and dangerous times.

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