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Friday, February 20, 2009


economic collapse severity intensifying

two posts from econobrowser.

first industrial production and manufacturing output -- this is the most severe contraction since the second world war through february, and the philly and new york surveys indicate further deterioration in february.

second the early view on q1 GDP -- E-forecasting's estimate is that January real GDP was declining at an 11.8% at annual rates.

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Doomsday advice: if the economy collapsed (op, did I say that?) and you couldn’t buy toilet paper what would you do? Get a bathroom bidet sprayer from and you won’t have to worry about it. The water will still be running long after the toilet paper stops reaching the store shelves and in the mean time you’ll be saving money that you can use to stock up on canned soup.

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Bah, the Romans made do with a sponge on a stick and their empire lingered on until 1457.

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Bah? Is that supposed to be an intelligent response? Well, at least we have the decline of Western Civilization covered.

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