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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


clock ticking for geithner

clusterstock relays a time magazine report quoting sources within the fed and treasury that treasury secretary lied to congress regarding his awareness of AIG's retention bonuses.

UPDATE: geithner admits that he pressured senator dodd to lift a restriction on bonus payments inserted into the stimulus bill "on or before february 11".


LMAO. Geitner was an abortion of a choice by the new administration. The most important role that Obama had to fill and this is who he came up with. That's not "Change we can believe in", it's a HUGE MISTAKE. Time to show Timmy the door.

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ccd, i can't tell if he's a terrible mistake, or if he's been set up to fail by rahm and axelrod. how else to explain that he's the only senior staff in treasury two months after inauguration?...

oh. well. i guess you could explain it by saying treasury was not on the obama team's radar. they did, after all, have a complete staff for state ready to go which are now all in place.

or one could say that no one will take a treasury job because no one on wall street wants to step in front of a train called depression.

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