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Friday, June 19, 2009


corporate spreads

excellent chart from david rosenberg via pragmatic capitalist.

i look at that 611 bps peak and think of jim welsh. but rosenberg thinks there's more recession protection priced in at this level than we are likely to need, making investment grade corporates a buy.

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Just noticed you had asked on an old Econbrowser comment thread where I get my data for Chicago area home sales.

I use the interface that the Chicago Sun-Times provides for a database of recorded home sales, which presumably is compiled by some entity from the county records.

Because the entry-point Sun-Times web page itself is a clumsy interface, I cobbled together a quick-and-dirty html page that provides an easier way to execute the same cgi script get requests.

For example:

As I still see the same advertising and this is not an "automated web scraper" or "bot", I feel this does not violate their terms of use. If you would like a copy of that html, you can email me using the address you would construct by Googling the value of the mathematical constant "e" and inserting that between "jm" and "".

Your blog looks interesting.
I'm going to add it to my bookmarks.

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Greetings from Strasbourg, France.

I like your moniker and blog, good info...and taste in wine I see :)

Tonight I sample some rather nice Rosado.



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I thought the post made some good points on web scrapers, For simple stuff i use python to get or simplify data, data extraction can be a time consuming process but for larger projects like documents, the web, or files i tried "website scraper" which worked great, they build quick custom screen scrapers, web scrapers, and data parsing programs

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