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Monday, July 27, 2009


UBS first to refuse inverse ETF

it will be interesting to see if what previously quiet aspect of wall street dysfunction comes to the fore in light of this -- but if you think that the rally from march has had all along a significant element of manipulaive orchestration, this was an eventuality and UBS won't be the last. via zero hedge:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Inverse, Leveraged and Inverse-Leveraged Exchange Traded Funds are no longer available for new or additional purchases at UBS

Effective July 27, 2009, UBS is suspending the offering of Inverse, Leveraged and Inverse-Leveraged Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). You will no longer be able to make new or additional purchases and will only be able to liquidate current positions through UBS at this time. Any attempt to execute a trade of such ETFs will be rejected.

Please contact your Financial Advisor with questions.

UPDATE: more from alphaville.

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