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Wednesday, August 05, 2009


declining farmland values

there's a bit of a vogue among financiers (such as marc faber) for buying farms as a hard asset in lieu of currency. via calculated risk -- maybe they should know that farmland is in a bubble as extraordinary as other forms of real estate, driven by skyrocketing ag commodity prices which have since collapsed.

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good luck protecting that farmland; these owners are all soft targets.

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Marc Faber, Jim Rogers and others say to buy agriculture because it WILL go up in the FUTURE - This is what we used to call a long term investment (before great depression 2). As Jim Rogers would say, if agriculture goes down he will buy more.

Commodities are not in a bubble, the USD is in a death spiral; as the dollar crashes commodities rise. Did that help you understand why you should be buying agriculure before it goes up in price?

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